We only sell clean titles without liens or judgements. We do NOT sell lands with outstanding taxes. We issue a FULL
WARRANTY DEED to each and every new real estate owner who purchases our properties.

Watch our videos we provided to you on our website. Then, call or text us to inquire that it's still available, and let's
negotiate a price. We know that with our videos, you will probably want to buy the property you are interested in. Bring
your cash up when you see the property, sometime around 12:00 /noon. We can have a FULL WARRANTY DEED signed
and notarized in under 1 hour and meet you at the local courthouse. It only takes a few minutes to record a brand new
deed, and we will cover all recording costs.

We will also supply you with an invoice for your financial records, along with an official plat map showing the precise
location of your new property. Our "same-day" transactions mean you can leave owning your land today! Our cash
transactions are completely private...and we can complete the transaction at the courthouse that afternoon. Our
"same-day" transactions mean you can leave owning your land today! How cool is that?

For buyers who wish to use the services of the local title company, no problem!
Community Title of Livingston, TX has a
long-standing reputation of being the best in the county! Simply add 30% to the agreed upon sale's price and all of the
fees will be covered. This includes title insurance, deed preparation by their attorney, closing costs, and of course, the
monies paid to "Uncle Sam"! Contact us today, and we can have
Community Title send you a "Contract for Deed" and
begin the process. It usually takes 2-3 weeks...
How to Buy Our Properties?  Safe and Easy!
Don't worry, you won't bother us. We stay up late every night since we are
nationally marketed. We BOAST a
7 day a week policy, up till midnight! Seriously, try us, you'll be impressed!!! We
receive text messages every night as late as midnight, and some even later.  If we don't respond, we will get back with
you immediately in the morning.  
(423) BUY-LAND
Text or Call Us!   7 Days a Week!!! Up Till Midnight!!!
Call or Text us at (423) BUY-LAND! Our website domain is ALSO www.423buyland.com!
W        W        W       .      T        H        E        L        A        N        D        M        A        S        T        E        R      .      C        O        M       
   W        W        W       .      T        H        E        L        A        N        D        M        A        S        T        E        R      .      C        O        M