W        W        W       .      T        H        E        L        A        N        D        M        A        S        T        E        R      .      C        O        M       
* No Phones
* No Internet
* No People
* No Traffic
* No Television
* No Politics
* No Drama
* No Bills
* No Reason
* No Excuses
* No Crime
* No Electricity
* No Neighbors
* No Alarm Clocks
* No Schedules
* No Appointments

W        W        W       .      T        H        E        L        A        N        D        M        A        S        T        E        R      .      C        O        M       
North Start Gold Mine!!!
Durango, Silverton - San Juan County, Colorado
What You Can Expect:
* We respond IMMEDIATELY and confirm the payment. Once the payment has fully cleared, we begin transferring your new claim!
* We handle all of the paperwork to transfer the claim and pay all closing costs with mailing the paperwork to the Federal government.
* A folder with all of the paperwork, claim coordinates, maps, and a CD to include all of the pictures and the video from this listing.
* An unrecorded notarized deed so you can show ownership immediately and be able to visit your claim!
* 2nd identical deed will be sent to the County recorder, and a 3rd identical deed will be sent to the Bureau of Land Management.
(You will receive both deeds in 3-4 weeks.)
$165 Annually
This 20 acre placer claim is fairly easy to access off Hwy 145. There is 910' of creek to work and find your fortune! No permits needed for
dredging  with less than 4". The primary commodity is gold, and then silver. The elevation is 8,442'. Verizon 4G coverage is only 4 miles south of  
the claim. This claim is properly staked and easy to find. Prospect, hunt, or just relax in an RV or Travel Trailer for 90 days a year!
Great Communication!
Immediate Ownership!
Rapid Response!
No Hidden Costs!
Our Lines are open 7 days a week till midnight! Call/Text Us at (423) BUY-LAND!
Choose the "BUY NOW" option and we're immediately notified of your payment!
You receive a fully unrecorded deed within a few days of your cleared payment!
Not only do we cover all closing costs, but we'll pay for next year's BLM fees into your name! ($165)
We Help You Resell Too!
We forward all pictures and videos on this advertisement through a DVD in your packet!
Build Your Website TODAY!
We can meet you at the steps of the
San Juan courthouse within 4 days.
We'll send you a contract for deed.
Sign it and return with a $2000
deposit. The balance will be due at
the courthouse prior to recording.