Lakeland Hideaway has its own
private waterfront picnic area
(membership dues required -
only $25 annually) plus two
fishing piers and boat docks.

This subdivision is tucked away
among the beautiful pine and
hardwood forests that Texas is
known for.  A beautiful spot to
get away from it all and also a
waterfront area to launch your
boat or go fishing from.

Lake Livingston:  Besides
being a popular camping and
vacation area.  Lake Livingston
is also known as one of the
best fishing lakes in Texas.  
Lake Livingston covers
approximately 90,000 surface
acres with an average depth of
23 feet and a maximum depth
of 90 feet.  Lake Livingston has
more than 450 miles of
shoreline. A wide range of
public and commercial
recreation facilities including
full service marinas, camping,
and R.V. accommodations are
located along its shorelines.  
The lake Livingston Dam is
located at the south end of
Lake Livingston on FM1988.  It
is two and a half miles long and
it has an average height of 55
feet.  It connects the Trinity
River to Lake Livingston.  
This picture is of the Lakeland Hidaway Marina. The marina is just a few minutes away from the subdivision
and a privelage to all land owners! There's a boat dock and pier as well.