G   R   O   U   P       I   N   C .
Welcome to The LandMaster Group, Inc.

Thelandmaster.com is an online website used to market the best properties at the most competitive prices. We're a private team of investors
specializing in residential lots, medium to large sized acreage tracts, and "specific-needs" related properties for the savy investor. Our property
acquisitions are not limited to one general area, but to a range of states from coast to coast. With a strong customer base originating in Central Florida
and Tennesse, we have spent the last 12 years expanding our available portfolio to the "Great State of Texas" and beyond! We have expert affiliates
currently offering properties to the general public in Arizona, New Mexico,and Colorado. The picture above was taken while on a land excursion in the
state of Alaska.
Buying and Selling Our Lands...Simple and Easy.

We list our available properties on our website. Our partners, real estate associates in other states, and our entire customer base is welcome and
encouraged to use our site to re-sell the lands they purchase from us. We offer free advertising to all existing land buyers as a courtesy and an extension
of our gratification. All of our lands are sold through issuing full warranty deeds. We research our properties before we buy them, and we guarantee our
loyal customers that they too, can immediately re-sell them. We're skilled in our title abstraction, and we offer many resources to help you become
efficient and confident as well.  We perform numerous long distance transactions every year.  Allow us to be your "eyes and ears", and we will be your
most trusted source for your online investments.

The LandMaster Group, Inc. is currently developing an acquisition plan to acquire companies that sell products and services to include Security services,
E-Commerce Store Fronts, commercial real estate operations, Technology Solutions,  and various software solutions.

CNN reports new legislation
aimed for more transparency
in real estate in Manitoba.